Yesterdays | Around the House & Tattoo Trips

Try Audible : or text Nicole to 500-500 1 Audio Book + 2 Audible Originals * This vlog is a little all over, my computer crashed last week & a lot of clips were missing in Final Cut when I got it back up and going so I used only what I had. I'm vlogging the rest of the week so the next one will be a little more organized. Missed you guys. ❤️ Ohhhhh & IT IS WEDNESDAY MY DUDESSSSS. THE RUNDOWN: - Current Audible listen : The HouseKeeper - Tee : Urban Outfitters - CasaLuna sheets are sooooo good. Super super soft! - Currently vlogging on the Sony ZV1 - Camera shown : Sony A7C with 20mm 1.8 lens - Heatless hair curling ribbon is from Etsy but sold out. I saw them on Amazon yesterday, just search curling ribbon. - Camera accessory video here: - Mary Ruth Liquid Vitamins, you get use to the taste.....kinda lol - There is creamer shortage in my area lol it's been out of stock everywhere and watching this video is making me crave it. 😫 - I really felt like I was in the movie the Mist that morning going to get my nails done. - Sunglasses are my DimeOptics collab : - Sweater I got from an Instagram ad a few years ago lol they always get me. - I've been getting GelX nails recently, no acrylic involved. Only thing I don't like is you have to soak them off every time. - Makeup tutorial + fun buns video here : - Have you had a Napoleon before? Why are they so hard to cut?? - I did have the clips of the finished chicken pot pie before my computer crashed but it was gone after. 😫 - Favorite phones cases from Talk & Tell - Sublime sweater is Urban Outfitters - Peachys doughnuts were good but they weren't as good as they were at the fair lol it took us a week to admit that to each other hahah. - Does your man make you order at drive thru's even when they're driving?!?! - My Starbucks order Iced Grande Mocha with Almond Milk no Whip - Also Smash was late haha she lives 10 minutes away, we drove from Tampa. 😂😂😂 - @tatu_panda on Instagram is how did our tattoos. - Y'ALL Cheesecake Factory has no STOPPED making the Thai Chicken Salad.😫 - Grease is one of my favorite movies. - King Lounger pillows & pillowcases are from RH. - Our bed frame is from RH as well and it is a little lower than I'd like but nothing we can do now lol. - Painted the wall Iced Cooper by Behr. - Hampers here : - Even though I hate an Allen key lol I actually enjoy putting things together. - The Bondi Sands Pure tanning line is really really good. My favorite I've ever used. - Steamer here: - Nirvana shirt, you guessed it! Urban Outfitters - The End. I love you. B U S I N E S S: For Business and Branding purposes please For Public Relations please contact STAY CONNECTED WITH ME: Instagram: nicoleguerriero TIKTOK: @nicoleguerriero_ * A small portion of this video is sponsored by Audible.

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