we PRANKED THE INTERNET that we got married…😳 😂

The last week has been crazy and amazing at the same time. During our proposal, engagement, and "wedding", our real fans were by our side and supported the right for us to make our own decisions. Snick literally has the most amazing fans anywhere and we want to say THANK YOU! To everyone that made a point to come at us and judge us, question our morals, call us out on live chats, etc...SURPRISE...we PRANKED ALL OF YOU!!! While we absolutely love each other and want to spend all of our time together, we do know that getting married at this age just isn't the right time for us. But that didn't stop us from seeing if we could break the internet, and we did, with multiple videos trending at the same time, all because all of you showed us so much love--we will never forget that! For now..we will be boyfriend and girlfriend, hanging out, creating tons of content, and...keeping our own last names! We love you! ***"With You" and "Mistletoe" SNICK songs Available Now on All Platforms** https://li.sten.to/WithYou?fbclid=IwAR2ooIazR5OVa39lyqr-43zeFRY0orWoc29cuyYu1K19csRPGk1WK4KOkCg Make sure you post all of your favorite moments from the "With You" video, favorite lines from our song, and be sure to check out "With You" on TikTok and all streaming platforms! Nick's Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2cDuIKcw9ahAWqHHTRtwRA?si=5Ann6VyFSd6KHoCp2rV4tQ&nd=1 Symonne Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4mdAi7Oi5nd90JWPtY2ExX?si=EPO6yV-pSRu8jvljfcxo2Q Limited Edition "With You" Merch available only on Symonne's website! https://www.symonneharrison.com/ ======"My Everything" In The Video======= Symonne Harrison: https://www.youtube.com/c/symonneharrison

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