We messed up

Thank you to http://hellofresh.com/afterdark16 (use code afterdark16) for sponsoring this episode! TEDDY FRESH...http://teddyfresh.com H3 MERCH... http://h3h3shop.com Follow us on Social Media: https://twitter.com/theh3podcast https://www.instagram.com/h3_podcast Follow Teddy Fresh Social Media: https://teddyfresh.com https://instagram.com/teddyfresh https://twitter.com/teddyfresh :30 Hila fit check 1:55 Dan is gone today 2:20 WhiteClawGabe Joins 9:00 Howie cancelled our interview 17:50 Gabe's finest work 25:45 What happend to the Metaverse video? 29:30 Queens's funeral 46:30 AB edits takes over reddit 53:10 HR segment part 2 1:37:30 Nick Cannon 13 kids 1:56:30 Dream's weird merch 2:15:00 Crew talks about series 2:22:00 Dad "interesting" gift 2:29:30 Cman introduction 2:43:00 Drake vs Antonio 2:56:40 Jimmie Kimmel drama 3:03:20 Ethan & hila ordering food

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