‘Wagging’ Greta Thunberg is ‘hardly a good example’ for school students: Mark Latham

NSW One Nation leader Mark Latham says Greta Thunberg is “hardly a very good example” for school students after the Swedish climate activist features prominently in a NSW independent school’s English syllabus. An independent Catholic school in the Illawarra region has been teaching its Year 7 English students about Greta Thunberg and her climate activism, even requiring students to write an essay on the child activist. Mr Latham said the problem in the deterioration in the syllabus is not just in government schools, but is also rife in independent educational institutions. “It’s not just that Greta Thunberg wouldn’t know much about science, she wagged school for three years, she’s hardly a very good example for school students to put their head down and study,” he said. “Why does this have anything to do with English? Unfortunately, whether you’re talking government or non-government schools, now so much of high school English has become politics. “How did we ever allow the NSW school curriculum - which used to have one of the best English courses in the world - become just another form of left-wing politics.”

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