The Dark Side to the Golden Age of Hollywood

Hi friends, happy Thursday! Welcome to the Dark History podcast. Hollywood is known for serving us drama in front of the camera. But, today we turned the camera around and took a look behind the scenes during the Golden Age of Hollywood. Scandals, abuse, death, cover ups. You name it, the Golden Age of Hollywood had it. I appreciate you for coming by, and tune in next week for more dark history. Special thanks to our consultant Movikarma. You can find Movikarma on instagram @movikarma You can find Dark History podcast on Apple, Spotify, wherever you listen to your podcasts, and every Thursday here on my Youtube for the visual side of things. Apple Podcast- Dark History Merch- _______ FOLLOW ME AROUND Tik Tok : BaileySarian Instagram : Facebook : Twitter : Pinterest : Youtube : Snapchat : BaileySarian RECOMMEND A STORY HERE : Business Related Emails: Chapters: 00:00 INTRO 1:54 THE BIRTH OF HOLLYWOOD AND THE RISE OF MOTION PICTURES 7:43 THE LEGEND OF FLORENCE LAWRENCE 11:00 FATTY ARBUCKLE 13:25 THE FIXERS AND THE MORALITY CLAUSE 15:58 PATRICIA DOUGLAS 23:40 MARGARITA CANSINO 25:43 THE BIRTH OF RITA HAYWORTH 28:38 RITA HAYWORTH, MOVIE STAR 33:19 THE TRAGEDY OF JUDY GARLAND 36:10 DOROTHY TRIES TO FIGHT BACK 38:48 CONCLUSION Bibliography Dark History is an Audioboom Original. This podcast is Executive Produced by: Bailey Sarian, Kim Jacobs, Dunia McNeily 3Arts, Ed Simpson, and Claire Turner from Wheelhouse DNA Producer: Lexxi Kiven Researched by: Romona Kivett Writers: Jed Bookout, Michael Oberst, Joey Scavuzzo, Kim Yaged I'm your host -- Bailey Sarian Historical Consultant: Movikara, @movikarma on IG, and David Lazar Video Director: Trent Barboza and Eric Abell Shot By: Tafadzwa Nemarundwe Edited by: Jim Luci Production Management: Meredith Ewinger

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