Ruining the Purest Mind on YouTube (ft. @Sykkuno) | Trash Taste #143

🍯 Get PayPal Honey for FREE at 🥤Buy Waifu Cups at with code [trashtaste] 🎥 Go check out the Trash Taste Tour show and merch premiering April 1st! Support Us On Patreon: Follow Trash Taste: Listen on Spotify/iTunes: Trash Taste Boiis: Joey | Connor | Garnt | Follow Us On Twitter: Joey | Connor | Garnt | Edited by the Mudan Media Group Intro Animation - 00:00:00 See our American Tour 00:00:40 Connor is ready to win the streamer awards 00:03:22 Why is Sykkuno in Japan 00:04:35 It's awkward when the taxi door isn't automatic 00:07:15 Sykkuno's daily schedule is packed 00:11:01 First time out of the States 00:12:54 McDonalds' oil is the fountain of youth 00:16:58 Sykkuno is surprised at bicycles not being locked on the streets 00:21:15 Every Japanese house has a button to summon an army 00:26:12 Streamer houses used to be dank 00:29:36 What does Sykkuno think of Japanese food 00:38:28 Everything in Japan is cheaper 00:41:19 Honey 00:42:36 Why did Sykkuno start streaming 00:47:53 User names should carry over to our children 00:52:39 Connor is too competitive 01:00:22 Garnt explains why he likes Domestic Girlfriend 01:08:54 Joey explains why he likes Redo of a Healer 01:15:18 There aren't many Tesla's in Japan 01:16:44 Fruit sandwiches 01:18:42 Sykkuno is surprised that Joey is half Japanese 01:21:39 What would be our anime of the year 01:35:35 The best anime of all time 01:38:27 Joey used to teach his teacher Japanese 01:41:53 Using weekends to relax 01:50:29 Gaming outside of streaming 01:52:40 Getting slapped 01:56:29 Garnt had to play a baby and got whipped 02:00:30 Connor worked in a club and Joey witnessed greatness 02:04:02 The lifeblood of our show

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