Progress on Independence Chevelle! (Tires, Wheels, Paint, Big Block)

Time to crack the knuckles! I've got just a few weeks to finish this Chevrolet Chevelle for the burnout competition at Cleetus and Cars, at the Freedom Factory on April 3rd. In this video, we'll start assembly of the body again, add some new tires and wheels, and give you a rundown on all the big block parts for a mini-series coming soon on the budget build which includes Procharger and Holley EFI! TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT: Have you checked out memberships? Great additional content, behind-the-scenes videos, private Facebook Group, and MORE! FIND MERCHANDISE HERE: SAVE 10% ON PIT VIPER SUNGLASSES Use Code Vicegrip TO FOLLOW AND SEE WHAT WE'RE UP TO: email SEND ME JUNK: PO Box 48837 Minneapolis, MN, 55448 #independencechevelle #vgg

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