PRANKING HACKERS Who Broke Into Our House - Building DIY Traps & Tricks Prank Wars 24 Hour Challenge

WE TRICK HACKERS! After Chad Wild Clay made the video "Is MELVIN BAD Again? We Trick Hackers with Daniel Drone and Give Lie Detector Test to PZ9 Lackey", Vy Qwaint created "MELVIN SHAVES His BEARD Transforming into PZ9 while Project Zorgo Hackers Track Regina for 24 Hours", Melvin filmed "Come Back Chad - Spy Ninjas (Official Music Video) Vy Qwaint, Daniel, Regina, Melvin & CWC on Guitar", and Daniel uploaded "EMBARRASSING! We're STUCK HOLDING HANDS for 24 Hours in Daniel vs Melvin Glued Together Challenge!" to the Exposing Project Zorgo YouTube channel, Regina has a tracking device placed on her arm! The Spy Ninjas cannot go back to the Safe House so they ask Melvin PZ9 for help. Melvin says he has a place for the Spy Ninjas to stay- his lackey's mom's house! Chad, Vy, Regina, and Daniel know that this house will be under attack at any moment by evil hacker organization Project Zorgo. They set up traps, tricks, and DIY pranks to fortify the Safe House, using their spy gadgets, Lego bricks, and slime. It's going to be such a funny moment, Home Alone style, when these silly hackers try to enter the house. Hopefully, the pranks work and the hackers get defeated! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in 2020! Watch my friend’s awesome videos: MrBeast - I Broke Into A House And Left $50,000 123 GO! Challenge - TESTING BEST TIK TOK CHALLENGES || Impossible Body Tricks 99% of People Fail by 123 GO! CHALLENGE Lucas and Marcus - PRANKING OUR LITTLE SISTER FOR 24 HOURS! FGTeeV - Baldi's LAST DAY of JUNE (FGTeeV Remembers a Sad Story but it's FUNNY) Unspeakable - We Played HIDE & SEEK In A WATERPARK! ▶ SPY NINJA NETWORK - ▶ SPY NINJAS Shirts & Backpacks - ▶ Official Spy Ninjas Website - Watch Spy Ninjas here: ▶ Chad - ▶ Vy - ▶ Daniel - ▶ Regina - ▶ Melvin PZ9 - Spy Ninjas' Instagram: ▶ Chad - ▶ Vy - ▶ Daniel - ▶ Regina - ▶ Melvin PZ9 - Most royalty free background music is from Epidemic Sounds. You can use their music in your videos by clicking here

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