My Friend Quit the Spy Ninjas to Join the Hackers!

MEET US in Person! After Chad Wild Clay made "Spy Ninjas - AGENT PETERS DISS TRACK (Official Music Video)", Vy Qwaint created "Are My Friends Hackers?", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "What's Inside Regina's Closet?", Melvin, PZ9 the best fighter has left the Spy Ninjas! It looks like he might be teaming up with the evil Agent Peters in his quest to strengthen his hacker organization, Project Zorgo. Now the Spy Ninjas must try and find Melvin and try and stop him before it's too late. Vy and Chad break go to the warehouse and try to sneak past the hackers to spy on Melvin. They use their sneaking skills and spy gadgets, including the covert communicator to get into the warehouse. Regina and Daniel try to get into her closet while they wait. Regina says that there is something in the closet to help Melvin. But, Agent Peters hacked the safe house Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog video in 2022! Watch my friend’s awesome videos: Ryan Trahan - I Survived On $0.01 For 30 Days - Day 22 Dhar Mann - Kid MAKES TEACHER Quit Job, What Happens Is Shocking | Dhar Mann Brent Rivera - LITTLE SISTER GOES ON 100 DATES IN 24 HOURS!! FaZe Rug - Worlds Strongest Man VS FaZe Rug Ben Azelart - LAST TO LEAVE PORTA POTTY WINS $10,000! ▶ Official Spy Ninjas Website - ▶ SPY NINJAS GADGETS - ▶ SPY NINJAS & CWC Merch - ▶ SPY NINJA Mobile App Game - Watch Spy Ninjas on YouTube here: ▶ Chad - ▶ Vy - ▶ Daniel - ▶ Regina - ▶ Melvin PZ9 - Spy Ninjas TikTok: ▶ Chad - ▶ Vy - ▶ Daniel - ▶ Regina - ▶ Melvin - Spy Ninjas' Instagram: ▶ Spy NInjas - ▶ Chad - ▶ Vy - ▶ Daniel - ▶ Regina - ▶ Melvin PZ9 - Most royalty free background music is from Epidemic Sounds. You can use their music in your videos by clicking here

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