MY EMOTIONS AROUND MY CRUSH – Inside out comedy musical by La La Life

Sometimes your day just turns inside out. You can't deal with the makeup, you crush makes a bad joke about you... You feel like everything is against you. It's so hard to not get emotional when such a day is going on.... But don't try to avoid feeling sad or angry. Your emotions are your friends. Wanna know why? Watch the video! Chapters 00:00 The bad dream 00:27 Meet JOY, ANGER, DISGUST, SADNESS AND FEAR 00:49 Wipe it! 01:20 Akne problem 01:54 Breakfast or sport? 02:33 You gotta look pretty (song) 02:50 Coming to school 04:24 An invitation note from my crush 05:00 The shopping (Joy wins) 05:47 The make up 06:40 Girl's wedding dreams and crushed hopes 07:24 Sue is angry and upset 08:10 Cutting the hair 9:02 The mood dance (song) 9:48 I could be every color you like #fun #musical #emotions

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