Mom Made Me Believe I’m Allergic To Sun For 20 Years

Since I Was a kid, I found out that if I ever get near a light, I would DIE! Well, that’s what my mom told me anyway. And when I tried to test it, so I waited for my mom too pass out after getting drunk, and I snuck outside and I stood on the porch staring at the boy next door playing with his ball. I ran towards the boy, but I Felt Myself Burning! I must have watched the boy for about 20 minutes before my mom dragged me in by my hair and pulling me inside. While my mom me inside, the little boy screamed, “Daddy I saw a ghost!” and ran away scared. As for my mom, it was like she wanted me at that point. She said if I ever went outside again she’d lock me up in the basement forever! She then rubbed some kind of cream on me that made my skin burn sooo bad! I started craying but then She screamed, “Look what you did to yourself you stupid kid!” I looked in the mirror above and was terrified at what I saw. I cried and begged for my mother’s forgiveness, promising I’d never leave my room again. After that day, my mom made my life hell. she glued extra-thick black cardboard to my window, and she changed the locks. Then she started locking me in my room. But If I was good during the day, she’d reward me with cookies at night. She never ever allowed me watch TV though, I could only listen to the weather channel on the radio! But the little boy I saw stuck in my mind. Why was it me that was allergic to light and not him? So, when I asked my mom about it, she told me to stop being a pin in the ass, and to keep my mouth or else I’ll be grounded. After that day, there were no more cookies or good tasting food. And then things got even got worse. My mom came home less and less, and i was locked in my room most of the time. I’d wake up, eat the breakfast that my mom brought me, and then I’d play with the few broken toys that I had. The only thing that entertained me was a thumping sound that felt like someone was throwing something against the wall. I fantasized that it was the little boy playing with his ball. A few weeks later I heard different voices coming from outside. I put my ear up against the wall and could just make out what they were saying. “Dad, seriously, I saw her! I swear!” “Brady, there ain’t no kids living in that house. It’s just that strange woman who comes and goes. I ain’t never seen no kid. Now stop it!!” “But dad…!!” So his name was Brady!! I know he called me a ghost but I wanted to be his friend so bad!! That night my mom came and said we are moving out because of how stupid I’d been and now there was a rumour going around the neighborhood, saying i’m contagious. I asked how come she was fine then, and she sent me to bed without dinner and locked my door. Up until that point, I’d only ever been around my mom and then of course that one glimpse of the boy next door. So when a man appeared by my bed in the middle of the night, I screamed! He quickly put his hands across my mouth and told me to get up. Then he put a black cloak over me and him and my mom carried me outside to a car. I didn’t know where we were going because they’d blindfolded me. I assumed it was to protect my eyes from all the lights. After a while we stopped and they carried me out of the car. I asked my mom who this man was and where we were going, and she told me this was our new house and that this was her boyfriend and he was a doctor and would take good care of me.

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