How to Freeze Any Bottle Inside Clear Ice 🧊 #shorts

Freezing a bottle in the middle of an ice block is easier said than done. It also adds an extra challenge if you want to freeze it in clear ice. I decided to get the biggest bottle I could find at the Total Wine store and show you all the process on how to do this, just in case you want to try this at home with your favorite bottled drink. Bonus points for me if this video actually gets Ryan Reynold's attention. Disclaimer: If you are watching this video and under the legal drinking age in your country, the second drink is for your parents. Just in Case You Missed These Videos Is Ryan Reynold's Miracle on Ice Worth the Hype? Is Blake Lively's Betty Buzz Worth the Hype? MY SOCIAL MEDIA: INSTAGRAM  MY YOUTUBE SHORTS   VLADFLIX VLOG CHANNEL:  TIKTOK @SLICKBARTENDER  FACEBOOK Vlad Slickbartender FOR SPECIAL/VIRTUAL EVENTS  Bottles for infusions MY CONTENT CREATION TOOLS AND BAR TOOLS:  #shorts

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