Ep#8: Oakley the Dachshund is.. HOME ALONE! 😮

This episode was filmed and c-produced by https://BEAUFILMS.ca In this episode, Oakley the #dachshund finds himself left #homealone when his parents mistakenly leave the house without him. If you've ever dreamed of a dog-version spoof of the beloved Home Alone movies, this is it! Oakley is very happy to have the house all to himself at first, and even orders a pizza all for himself and watches another great beloved dog movie, Beethoven! That's when a burglar, or as Oakley calls him, a hamburglar, breaks into their home. Oakley, who is looking adorable in his little doggy pajamas at the time, thinks fast on his paws and plays the movie loud of a scene where two scary big Dobermans are barking, which thankfully scares away the burgler - but only momentarily. The burglar eyes Oakley in the window, gesturing he is going to return. This is when Oakley embarks on his mission to booby trap the home in preparation for the attack. Oakley sets a variety of adorably and funny dog-themed booby traps for the bad guy, including a banana peel, his iFetch tennis ball fetch machine, and some swinging toys, and even a bucket of poop bags! Finally, Oakley's ingenuity pays off when he traps the burglar in a dog crate at the end, saving himself and his home - just as parents decide to cancel their trip and come back to Oakley. ---- Get official Crusoe merch here: http://celebritydachshund.com/store ---- Follow Crusoe in more places! Instagram: @crusoe_dachshund TikTok: @crusoe_dachshund Facebook: http://facebook.com/crusoedachshund Facebook Fan Group: http://facebook.com/groups/crusoedachshundfans Twitter: http://twitter.com/celeb_dachshund ---- Behind the Scenes Blogs come out at http://celebritydachshund.com

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