Big MODS to the NEW Cleaner!

Unlike the majority of agriculture in the United States, small grain producers often reuse their own grain for the seed. This can be financially beneficial and provides security within the operation. Each crop is different and it takes specially designed machines to properly clean out unwanted material and size the kernals. These machines can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and are very complex. Fortunately we got a good deal on this GCS screen grain cleaner. This cleaner will be setup to remove rocks, pea splits, light chaff, and size peas. After just a few years it'll pay for itself and give us more control of when and where we clean. But like anything, this is a new endeavor for us and time will tell if the investment was successful or a failure. ----------------------------------------------- ►SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR CHANNEL PARTNER CASE IH! -------------- ------------------------------------------------ ►HATS, SHIRTS & MORE? CLICK HERE! -------------- ------------------------------------------------ ►NEED A LOGO? SARAH WELKER CAN HELP! -------------- ------------------------------------------------ ►SEND US MAIL! -------------- P.O. Box 771, Shelby, MT, 59474 ---------------------------------------------- ►VIDEO EDITED BY MODI! -------------- ----------------------------------------------- ►WANT MORE WELKER FARMS? -------------- JOIN US ON PATREON: FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM: FOLLOW ON FACEBOOK: JOIN ON DISCORD: ----------------------------------------------- ►AMAZON AFFILIATE LINKS TO GEAR I USE: --------------

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