Are My Friends Hackers?

Can I Trust My Friends? After Chad Wild Clay made "My House's Security System Attacked Us!", Vy Qwaint created "My House is Attacked by Hackers!", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "What's Inside Regina's Closet?", Everyone is blaming Regina for a crime that she didn't commit! Now Regina has to ask her friend Alie for help, and together they go undercover as hackers to break into the warehouse and find a way to get Alie in to talk to her evil brother, Agent Peters. But first, Regina and Alie capture Vy to convince her that Regina is innocent and that she should help them on their secret mission! Vy decides to help. Regina goes undercover using her master of disguise skills, Vy uses her spy and sneaking skills and Alie goes in as the mole to get information about how Agent Peters hacked the Safe House security system. Will they be able to prove Regina's innocence? Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog video in 2022! Watch my friend’s awesome videos: Dhar Mann - Son SELLS DAD'S STUFF For VIDEO GAMES, He Lives To Regret It | Dhar Mann SSSniperwolf - Tik Toks That Live In My Head RENT FREE FaZe Rug - I Went to the Strangest Store in the ENTIRE World Stokes Twins - Breaking 100 Laws In 24 Hours! MSA previously My Story Animated - I Want To Be Free ▶ Official Spy Ninjas Website - ▶ SPY NINJAS GADGETS - ▶ SPY NINJAS & CWC Merch - ▶ SPY NINJA Mobile App Game - Watch Spy Ninjas on YouTube here: ▶ Chad - ▶ Vy - ▶ Daniel - ▶ Regina - ▶ Melvin PZ9 - Spy Ninjas TikTok: ▶ Chad - ▶ Vy - ▶ Daniel - ▶ Regina - ▶ Melvin - Spy Ninjas' Instagram: ▶ Spy NInjas - ▶ Chad - ▶ Vy - ▶ Daniel - ▶ Regina - ▶ Melvin PZ9 - Most royalty free background music is from Epidemic Sounds. You can use their music in your videos by clicking here

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