Allergic to Sweat | My Horrible Life

I had a huge crush on my best friend Bryan for years. That’s why I desperately wanted to be his girlfriend. But there was 1 problem. And that was Sarah. She was an absolute hoe and always wore crop tops and mini skirts to school. When Bryan and I had a private conversation, she would often come over to us, stick her breast out and talk like a dumb little girl: “Bryan, I forgot my lunch money. Can I borrow some of yours?” Well, Bryan is a nice guy so he gave her 2 dollars. But then she hugged him right in front of me, pressing her breast against his body. Of course, I wanted to strangle her. Everyone knew that Brian and I were almost in a relationship. So she was OPENLY trying to steal him away from me. The next day, I was on my way home from school, when my skin started to prickle. I looked at my arm and noticed that it was completely red. I got so scared that I took a rest. But the prickling slowly turned into such an intense pain that I ended up screaming and jumping like someone had set me on fire. Luckily, a police man saw me and decided to take me to the hospital. I remember lying on the bed and peeling off the first layer of my skin. It was so disgusting but then the doctor told me: “I’m sorry to inform you that your skin has developed an extreme form of Aquagenic Urticaria, also called water allergy. Even small bits of water will cause an extreme allergic reaction to your skin. That’s why your sweat almost killed you today. From now on, you can’t shower or sweat anymore.” Gosh, it felt like a death sentence. But the worst part was that I couldn’t go to school anymore to defend Bryan from the hoe Sarah. I knew I had to act fast. So I waited until my skin had recovered and then I immediately invited Bryan over to my house, while my parents weren’t home. When I opened the door for him, he was shocked to see how I was dressed. I was wearing nothing but a short bikini. And when we went to my room, I picked up a sock from the ground to show Bryan my butt. But then came the hard part. I told him about my water allergy and how I couldn’t clean myself with water anymore and instead had to use powder. He didn’t believe me at first, so I put a drop of water right on my breast. It slowly ran down into the bikini and within 2 minutes a rash had formed. I asked him if he still liked me despite my condition and he said “of course I do” Well, that’s what I wanted to hear. So I pushed him on my bed and sat on top of him. I asked “did you ever kiss a girl?”And he responded “Of course.” I said “well, I’ve never kissed a boy before.”He didn’t respond, I guess he was too nervous. So I took the next step and went down to kiss him. I can’t tell you what happened next, but I made sure he had a good time. When our date was over, I gave him one last hug and said “wow, you were absolutely amazing, you can always come by at night, when my parents are asleep.”You see, I was willing to do anything to make him my boyfriend. Did I feel like a hoe? Yes, a little bit. However, my plan had failed. Because when I checked Sarah’s Instagram the next week, I saw that she had posted a photo of herself eating ice cream with Bryan. Of course I was furious and I knew I had to act fast. So I invited Bryan over to my house again, and this time I made sure he had an even better time. I had bought myself a revealing bunny lingerie costume and we did all kinds of things together. At one point, I sat on his lap and asked “are we in a relationship now?”He responded “I do like you a lot… But I’m not ready for something serious.”Ouch… that was not what I had wanted to hear. I said “come on, please, you know I love you so much.”And he responded “ok, I will think about it.” However the next day Sarah came to my house. She smirking and said “I saw what you did with Bryan yesterday. In fact, I’ve recorded you 2 through the window on my smartphone. I wonder what your parents gonna do if they find out that their daughter is a naughty little girl.” Oh damn it, I knew my parents would gonna kill me. Sarah continued “I want you to break off all contact with Brian or I will show your parents the video.” I had to hold back my tears and only said “ok, he’s yours.” Honestly, I had no choice, my parents were so strict, that if they saw me naked doing dirty things with Brian, I’m sure they’d kick me out on the streets. So I wrote Brian one last message, saying “Hey, this between us won’t work out. I wanna move on.” When Brian responded “Oh ok“ with a sad smiley, I started crying uncontrollably, even though my tears caused rashes all the way down my face. I really thought my life was over, but then Brian knocked on my window. Gosh, this was so romantic and when I opened it, he was looking as handsome as always. He said “hey, it’s ok if you don’t wanna see me again, but I need to know why.”

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