A complimentary car wash while at work. Today’s “victim” had parked his Tesla close to a construction zone before attending a work meeting. When he came back, he found a dozen Sentry Mode notifications as well as a puddle surrounding his Tesla. Assuming the nearby construction had caused the Sentry Mode events, he reviewed the footage to find that the construction workers had caused the system to trigger… by attempting to clean his newly-ceramic-coated Tesla with a bucket of water, dirty rags, and used sponges. When he asked one of the workers what had happened, he was told that a pipe had burst and sprayed mud all over his car. The aggressive scrubbing of mud combined with the soft paint of the Tesla left scratches and swirl marks all along the driver’s side of the car. Fortunately, the construction crew did the right thing and offered to pay to repair the damage. #whambaamteslacam #shorts #tesla

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