Tristan Thompson is booed during Knicks game for cheating on Khloe - Daily Mail

Thompson was not in the starting line-up for the Cavs-Knicks game Wednesday. He was put into the game during a time-out, meaning his name was not announced as he entered the game. But Thompson was still booed by the crowd as he began to play, including when a foul was called against him. Even the game's commentators got in on the action, with one nothing that Thompson had 'recently been in the headlines'. Thompson returned to Cleveland after getting caught making out with a strip club worker named Landi (top right) in a New York nightclub and partying with her throughout the weekend before a game against the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden on Monday. After footage of Thompson and Lani locking lips was released by, even more women came out of the woodwork with allegations of Thompson cheating on Khloe. Two women, Marie and Stephanie, were filmed canoodling with the NBA player at a nightclub in Washington DC in October, when the reality star was three months pregnant. Stephanie (middle right) has alleged she made a sex tape with Thompson, while Marie (bottom right) has claimed she did not know that Kardashian was pregnant at the time of her rendezvous with the Cavs player. Original Article: Original Video: Daily Mail Facebook: Daily Mail IG: Daily Mail Snap: Daily Mail Twitter: Daily Mail Pinterest: Daily Mail Google+: Get the free Daily Mail mobile app:

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