The Rarest Ducklings on earth

The hatching of the rarest ducklings on earth. Hi everyone we’re back with a wonderful story about three ducklings of a species that has almost gone extinct. Ever since I was a little boy, ducklings have been my first love. So I was thrilled when I got the chance to get some precious rare eggs to incubate and help to protect a once famous duck species from vanishing for good. The Anas Curvirostra – The Hook Bill It was capable of producing over 300 eggs a year and had a funny appearance with its curved beak. Once there were millions of this ducks and now there are only about 80 good (well formed) egg laying female ducks of the Hook Bill left. I got in contact with a man that is trying to keep the species alive. We discussed that giving this duck some attention and telling its story could maybe help. I have learned a lot from him and I was also happy to share my 30+ years of experience in incubating and raising ducklings. The species could use your help. So in case you’re serious about keeping ducks and you’re interested in the Hook Bill, please send us a mail at and we will take a look at the possibilities in your country. Text in this video: About one hundred years ago Duck eggs were more important than chicken eggs One kind of duck in particular was famous for its egg production And its funny appearance… The Hook Bill Once, there were millions of them Now, all those ducks are gone Except for about 80 egg laying female ducks To me that is sad So I visited a man much like myself And offered my help in trying to save… The species from going extinct I got four rare and precious eggs to put in my incubator Duck eggs need special treatment They need to breathe and cool down 10 minutes a day In three of them… Life started Exactly as planned, after 28 days I could hear the first one… That night Now IF she is a she, she will be of real importance to her species She will be one of the ast 80 (and now +1 :) survivors I was very excited For a duckling this rare I had never seen before Under a mother duck… The egg would be crushed a little, which helps the duckling to hatch She was clearly exhausted Yet her sound was strong and relaxed Outside the incubator, I always keep them warm with my breath Hello little friend The next morning the second one hatched Yeeee… a yellow one Hmmmm, better keep her with me some more An hour later it was almost dry Whilst the first two were going as planned I thought the third one would be fine as well… When it was hatching, I thought everything was alright And still I thought everything was fine I even thought it was funny how much she matched my beard …but then I noticed… This I had seen before… Her balance was not functioning Oh no! She would not be able to walk or eat This means her chance of survival were close to zero But I’ve been taking care of ducklings…for 30 years If I can fixate her for one whole night She has a small chance her balance recovers The next morning…fingers crossed I’m sorry I just can’t always fix it… So far so good Now….please, please be able to walk Here we go little friends Time for some fresh food Three weeks later Used images thanks to E A de Poel and Mr Jan Harteman Cameras used: Canon EOSD7 I-Phone 5s I-Phone 8 plus Sony HDR NX 30 Music through Epidemic Sound. Songs: Cause – Peter Sandberg Sunhine Stroll 02 – Håkan Eriksson The Silver Locket –August Welhelmsson Our Journey - August Welhelmsson Traditional – Ack Varmeland

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