Match Chain Reaction Dragon from matches! Amazing Fire Domino

Game of Thrones Dragon DRACARYS from matches! Matches Chain Reaction Amazing Fire Domino! In this amazing experiment i build and burn the Game of Thrones dragon Dracarys made from 17500 safety matches as i promised in my last matches chain reaction Volcano video: This match creation took me about 150 hours to make and cost me about $50 - it took me 1 week to figure out HOW to make the construction of the dragon - I worked 10-15 hours/day for 2 weeks to make it - I used 17 500 Matches and 0.5kg Glue - This is the first "model" i ever made in my life - Yeah i know my english is not perfect but i dont care I hope you like the video! PLease dont try this at home! I know what i do and i already tried it so You dont have to. If you like the dragon and appreciate my work, you can subscribe here: Thank You :) #gameofthrones #dragon #mokso

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