Cottonmouth VS Copperhead!

On today's adventure, we're going to be catching two of North America's most famous pit vipers: the cottonmouth and copperhead, and showing you the differences between these two snakes! Both are venomous, both pack a punch, but are both completely different snakes! Join Cajun Boy (Zachary Gray) as we explore through the southern United States, in search of two very famous venomous pit vipers. This is cottonmouth vs copperhead!!! As always we hope y'all enjoy this video! :D Both these venomous pit vipers, are easy to misidentify with water snakes, rat snakes, racers, and any other nonvenomous snake, for those who aren't familiar with many snake species. Another name for the cottonmouth being the water moccasin, they spend most of their time in swamps or wetlands, searching for fish and frogs, while copperheads, normally found near water, prefer more upland areas to hunt for rodents. A bite from both these snakes can be fatal, however, with good medical treatment, it's extremely rare for deaths to occur. Both snakes have a hemotoxic venom, that contains a cocktail of different destructive proteins that are very efficient for hunting their prey. Neither of these snakes want to waste their venom, and will normally flee when approached by people. If you ever see either of these two venomous snakes, make sure to give them some space, and they'll do their best to avoid you. Welcome to the Life's Wild Adventure channel! With lots of adventure, fun, and most importantly, animals! Join Zachary Gray, a young wildlife enthusiast, on all of his adventures with some of the most unique creature on the planet! From the smallest ants, to the big dinosaur like crocodilians, this channel is all about getting YOU into wildlife! This channel is all about animal education and exploration, learning about the world around us, and the animals we share it with! New videos every weekend!

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