MAKE SURE YOUR VOLUME ISN'T ALL THE WAY UP! 🐮🔪 Patreon Subscribe Cow Chop Merch: Discuss: Click the link to sign up for Rooster Teeth FIRST and use the referral code "COWCHOP" Twitter: It's PRIME TIME. AMAZON PRIME TIME. Amazon is well known for being a great service to obtain items in a quick and timely manner. With this new show not only do we put that to the test, but we venture into what Amazon is all about, the weird shit. The rules are simple, using our collective funds we buy a few items for each other and not knowing what they are, we share them with one another on the couch. We could very well go poor doing this, we just want you to know this. The following is for those multicultural. Hey guys how's it going. Has one of these ever been in English? Is that cheating? I'm not sure, but oh well. My eyes currently feel really dry, like as if you're stuck in a car with the heat all the way up and then the driver decides to throw a handful of sand into your eyes. I'm thinking about taking a milk bath and then maybe cry a little bit to moisten them right up. That should be nice, happy new years fellows! BEAR CLAW TESTING • AMAZON PRIME TIME Thank you 🐮🔪

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